Gems of Time

Shield on display next to elevator on 3rd Floor

Perth Metro Plan Project

Digitise, geo-reference and place on-line Perth's Metropolitan Plans, mainly from the 1920's.

J S Battye Library of West Australian History

3rd Floor State Library of Western Australia, 25 Francis Street, Perth.

State Records of Western Australia

Ground Floor, Alexander Library Building, James Street West Entrance, Perth.

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Presented by the Friends of Battye Committee acknowledging Western Australia's living treasures who have made a long-term and significant commitment to the aims and objectives of the Battye Library and/or the State Records Office.


  Rica Ericson   Rica Ericson 2002  
  Sir Charles Court   Sir Charles Court 2003  
  Mollie Lukis   Mollie Lukis 2003  
  Leslie Marchant   Leslie Marchant 2003  
  Margaret Medcalf   Margaret Medcraft 2005  
  Geoffrey Bolton   Geoffrey Bolton 2005  
  William de Burgh   William de Burgh 2006 Citation
  Ruth Marchant James   Ruth Marchant James 2006 Citation
  John Honniball   John Honniball 2006 Citation
  Lennie McCall   Lennie McCall 2008  
  Edward Doncaster   Edward Doncaster 2008 Citation
  Lindsay Peet   Lindsay James Peet 2009 Citation
  Ronda Jamieson   Ronda Jamieson 2010 Citation
  Cathie Clements   Cathie Clement 2011 Citation
  Patrick Richardson-Bunbury   Patrick Richardson-Bunbury 2011 Citation
  Gillian O'Mara   Gillian O'Mara 2012 Citation
  Graham Bown   Graham Bown 2013 Citation
  Bevan Carter   Bevan Carter 2015 Citation


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